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Friday, March 24, 2023

Customizable Drug & Alcohol Screening

Ensure a safer work environment with effective and reliable drug and alcohol screening from OPENonline. We offer a complete line of drug testing products and services that provide the critical information you need to make confident and informed decisions about prospective and current employees.

Drug testing programs improve employee morale and productivity; decrease absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover and theft; and lead to better health among employees and family members as well as decreased use of medical benefits.

According to the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health:


  • 8.4 percent of full-time employees (10.2 million) and 10.1 percent of part-time employees (3 million) aged 18 or older reported using illicit drugs within the past month.
  • Employees who use drugs are 2.5 times more likely than other non-abusing co-workers to be absent for 8 or more days.
  • Drug abusers are 3.6 times more likely to be involved in an accident at work and 5 times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim.
  • 44 percent of abusers have sold drugs to other employees, and 18 percent have stolen from co-workers to support their habit. 

Workplace substance abuse is a cause of INCREASE in:

Drug & Alcohol Screening Benefits with OPENonline include:

  • Electronic chain of custody with electronic scheduling
  • Comprehensive electronic management of drug screen orders
  • Notifications and alerts, including real-time status updates of drug screen
  • Alternate Human Resources or Recruiter Notifications
  • Specimen cups for on-site customer collection capabilities with instant results
  • Screening conducted through SAMHSA-certified laboratories
  • Consolidated invoicing with other background checks ordered through OPENonline
  • Easy to understand online ordering process
  • DOT compliant drug screening available

Amount of money lost in productivity annually, due to substance abuse in the workplace

Number of workdays lost at an annual rate as a result of substance abuse in the workplace

List of Available Services

  • Employment, Post-Accident, and Reasonable Suspicion Testing (5 / 10 Panels)
  • Urine Testing
  • Instant Testing Kits
    • Oral Fluid
    • Urine
  • DOT Testing
  • Random Drug and Alcohol (BAC) Testing


Recruiting Industry

OPENonline's Customer Service team came through for us with flying colors! They were advocates for us and helped expedite several time-sensitive reports. They answered the phone quickly, dealt with our requests professionally and returned every phone call and email just as they promised.

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