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Friday, March 24, 2023

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Integration


Our HR OPEN Standards interface allows OPENonline to integrate with virtually any ATS. Organizations can now include and/or integrate background checks, drug screens, assessments, paperless on-boarding, and much more. Our goal is to simplify recruitment and HR practices so you can hire and retain the very best.

We are proud to offer seamless integration for your online recruiting tools to offer convenient paperless solutions to employers and recruiters. Our U.S. –based Background Specialists help to ensure your hiring process is convenient and compliant.

Benefits of ATS Integration with OPENonline include:


  • One vendor as a total solution - Integrate information and online recruiting tools into a single manageable application through OPENonline
  • Increased compliance management - Collects and maintains the data needed for EEOC and/or OFCCP compliance
  • Save time during recruitment process - Automated solution for scheduling interviews, data sharing, and initiating background checks on potential employees
  • Reduce cost per hire - Dramatically reduces administrative costs by centralizing your recruiting operation and eliminating processing fees

OPENonline's ATS partners


OPENonline's superior technology creates a seamless channel of communication between your system and ours. The service enables you to request background checks using the information that is already available in your own database.

Features & Advantages


  • Elimination of manual and duplicate data entry
  • Tightly managed, automated and compliant workflow
  • Significant improvement in business process
  • Greater efficiency and reduced time to hire
  • Reduced cost per hire




Financial Industry

SelectHire® was the perfect solution for our background check needs. [OPENonline] worked with us to customize the package so we were able to get what we needed, at a reasonable price, without paying for extras we wouldn't use. The customer service representatives were very helpful and prompt in processing our orders. I highly recommend SelectHire® and OPENonline.

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