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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


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Expansion of expunged criminal records and their impact on background checks

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States are expanding the types of criminal records eligible for sealing and expungement, part of a nationwide wave of so-called "second chance" or "clean slate" bills created to limit employers' access to certain criminal records. Protected records under the new legislation include minor misdemeanors and even low-level felonies, a move designed to improve the job prospects of ex-offenders, supporters say. 

Protecting candidate SSNs is paramount for employers

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Social security numbers are collected from job applicants to conduct pre-employment screenings, providing an independent third-party source of candidate personal history critical to any comprehensive background check. However, there are a number of regulations governing the use, access to and storage of personal information - including social security numbers - that employers should be enacting into their own record-keeping policies.




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