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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Uber Given Employment Screening Freedom in Florida

When businesses introduce a new way of serving the public, it can take a while for government officials and consumer organizations to catch up with innovation. Companies operating in the sharing economy must prepare for newemployment screening regulations proposed by federal and state government organizations and demanded by consumers.

Uber and Lyft - trailblazers in the ride-sharing industry - have recently had to contend with local lawmakers debating employment regulations for the companies' drivers. The Florida Sun Sentinel reported the most recent screening debate in Palm Beach County ended in favor of allowing the companies to operate on their own terms. In a 5-1 vote, the county commission decided to let Lyft and Uber run their businesses in the area and hire the people with their own screening processes.

"Uber may stick to its existing screening process."

The dissenting voice in the vote wanted to require the organizations to perform fingerprint background investigations when evaluating drivers. Instead, Uber may stick to its existing screening process that includes evaluating records based on driver's license, vehicle registration, Social Security number and insurance information.

Companies operating in the sharing economy rely on employees acting as free agents to represent their brand. It's in a business's best interest for consumers to feel safe when getting into cars with drivers. Wired detailed how Uber explores the use of innovative applicant tracking systems to monitor performance after initial hire. Using data from the employee's phone, the company can monitor the driver's routes and speed.

Any business that wants to evaluate employees before and after hire should find screening solutions withATS integration. It's a best practice to partner with employment screening services that work in tandem with an organization's internal information system so companies don't hire or hold on to employees that betray employer or consumer trust.

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