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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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The Gig Economy Calls For Background Screening Innovation

Companies that offer flexible employment opportunities must find new ways to create worker accountability. This often requires the use of new technology and data processes to track employee performance and communicate issues, calling for innovative information strategies at the initial hiring phase.

Systems are rarely perfect and even existing employment screening standards may allow for problematic candidates to slip through, so new businesses may want to explore their own methods. ABC 10 News Miami reported ride-sharing companies operating in Miami-Dade County won't have to go through the same screening procedures as taxi companies.

The local government debated whether to allow Uber and Lyft to design their own background screening standards after stories of Uber drivers taking part in criminal activities made the national news. The companies said they would do everything in their power to ensure customer safety by properly checking the backgrounds of each driver candidate. Initial screenings will be complemented by applicant tracking systems to monitor ongoing accountability.

A major argument put forth by ride-sharing companies was that the employment screening standards employed by taxi companies still have holes. Fingerprint screening, for example, searches through incomplete records and may miss unreported crimes. In 2015, Government Accountability Office research found only 20 states reported their datasets used for criminal background investigations were 75 to 100 percent complete, according to The Hill. Even worse, 10 states said their records were less than 50 percent accounted for and seven had no information available.

Working with a professional service can help businesses keep up with employment screening resources and collect data that integrates with applicant tracking systems. It can also help employers find more robust information on job candidates, combining multiple screening procedures to paint a more accurate picture.

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