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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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North Carolina Wants New Rules for Teacher Screenings

National attention has forced North Carolina to reevaluate itsemployment screening processes for teachers. In February 2016, USA Today Network graded the hiring processes of each state's educational institutions. North Carolina received one of the worst scores possible and now the state has new policies under debate, according to NBC Charlotte.

North Carolina's poor grade stems from an overall lack of information. Each district in the state is responsible for its own background screenings as opposed to being required to follow federal standards or utilize a state database. North Carolina also has a poor history of sharing information on teachers brought up on disciplinary charges. This allows problematic candidates to apply for positions in different districts and find employment with other schools.

This is not the first time North Carolina's teacher screening policies have been brought up for debate. In 2010, a state task force proposed new standards for background screenings for all districts, as well as assistance from the state government. The proposal failed due to a lack of resources, preventing the state from updating manual information systems.

Reports like the one from the USA Today Network and improved data sharing technology have caused North Carolina to propose new screening rules again. In May 2016, a state senate committee voted in favor of legislation to require all North Carolina schools to conduct criminal background screenings before hiring candidates.

The new standard may face opposition as it moves through the state government, but it also has a lot of support from parents concerned about North Carolina's poor screening grade. Those concerned with the welfare of the children want education facilities to do everything in their power to ensure teachers are qualified to work with students and data systems don't overlook important details.

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