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Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Nonprofits Screen Charity Recipients To Protect Their Cause

Nonprofits often collect large amounts of funds intended for community betterment. The New York Times reported the methods these organizations use for financial distribution fall under increased scrutiny as donors are presented with more options. This means nonprofits have to make sure funds raised go directly to the people and institutions that need it most.

Organizations need to be careful where they spend their money and who benefits from projects. The Star Press described how a new housing project designed in Muncie, Indiana will have to screen recipients to satisfy local concerns. The Bridges Community Services wants to build housing for homeless citizens in the area, but a church next door is worried the new residents may have mental illnesses or criminal histories that could put its congregation in danger.

Bridges Community Services said it would perform full background screening to prevent people with a history of sexual misconduct from moving into the community. The nonprofit sector needs to be careful in its selection process of choosing charity recipients wisely.

All nonprofits need to be sure their money goes toward the organization's intended purpose. This may mean obtaining criminal and civil data to be sure applicants are honest when applying for help. To avoid security compliance issues and to obtain as much information as possible, nonprofit organizations may want to make use of screening resources provided by professionals.

OPENonline delivers unparalleled investigative solutions for organizations that want to screen employees and charity recipients in compliance with the latest regulations. For more information, please visit our compliance department.

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