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Sunday, October 02, 2022

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New Infographic - Ban the Box: Protecting Your Rights or Disguising Your Past?

Are Background Checks Still Worth It?

The short answer: yes. Here’s why: In this year alone, we have seen an unprecedented number of EEOC lawsuits, ban the box legislation, and – not to mention– the evolving controversy surrounding the use of social media. However, we cannot ignore the unparalleled, demonstrated benefits a comprehensive background check can have in the workplace.

In light of the guidance, employers are encouraged to use this time to evaluate their current screening process and compliance programs. The guidance provides detailed recommendations on best practices that can be used to enhance your current hiring process. For instance, when evaluating an applicant with a criminal history, use individualized assessment by considering job relatedness and business necessity rather than operating under blanket policies. Consider such things as how much time has passed since the conviction, the facts surrounding the offense, age at the time of the conviction, number of convictions and whether they are bonded or can provide credible references. In other words, give the applicant a chance to discuss their situation rather than dismissing them too early in the process.

While most employers already have some form of evaluation and assessment as part of their current process, it is only efficient if you are actively monitoring the process for compliance in accordance with on-going legislation and the new guidance. Although initially, this may require more work from employers, a thorough review will ensure a more compliant and efficient process, thus helping companies to reach their end goal: hire the best person for the job while minimizing risk.

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