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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Medical Marijuana Industry Screens Employees to Promote Proper Business Practices

The stigma associated with medical marijuana begins to fall away as more states permit the sale of the substance for approved individuals and health organizations, but it is not completely gone. Local governments looking to approve the sale of marijuana for medical reasons need to put regulations in place to show the new industry will operate completely above board.

For example, The Pennsylvania Times Tribune reported the state's Department of Health plans to design industry standards for medical marijuana following the passage of a bill legalizing the substance. The product is not yet completely available for patients and academic research, but the state plans to fully implement the new law by 2017.

The new law contains several employment screening provisions for providers. Background investigations are required for organizations looking to hire staff to work with the product, primary caregivers who recommend use and financial backers who will invest in businesses. The industry will look out for criminal histories that involve drug use or any other red flags that indicate an applicant may not be of "good moral character."

Even states that currently allow medical marijuana constantly adjust regulations to expand the industry and defend against critics. The Marijuana Empire detailed how California will add fingerprinting investigationsto check the criminal records of those involved with the prescription process.

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