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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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How Do Schools Fail Teacher Screenings?

In early 2016, USA Today released a report that graded different states on their employment screening processes for educators. Some states received praise for their in-depth analysis of potential teachers, while others received failing grades. The question is: What does it mean when a state gets an F for teacher screenings?

Every school performs some form of background analysis when evaluating applicants for education positions, but not all systems are equal. USA Today gave Tennessee an F and NBC affiliate WCYB 5 suggested the reason for the grade came down to a lack of research.

Many Tennessee school districts only screen applicants using local data. This means candidates could have problematic details in their records that would be ignored if events occurred in different states or even within different regions of the same state. The failure to perform statewide and nationwide checks using proper fingerprint investigations or other screening processes was compounded by an inability to share data. Schools were poorly graded if they didn't communicate educator histories to other districts.

When a school doesn't provide proper employment screenings, it may be up to other individuals or organizations to perform background checks. The Chicago Tribune suggested investigating the pasts of educators and other individuals who work with children should be a top priority.

Certain organizations push schools to increase their scrutiny on applicants for teaching and volunteer positions. Fortunately, schools can work with experienced screening services that will help administrators make the most of available resources while also staying in compliance with both state and federal law.

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