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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Employers Find it Difficult to Hire Drug-Free Employees

There are many reasons companies use drug screenings during initial applications and ongoing employment. Certain organizations may feel drug-free workers are more trustworthy and dependable or less likely to waste company time. For certain industries, being free of illicit substances is a matter of safety. The New York Times recently reported many businesses that work with heavy machinery have ahard time finding employees who can pass drug tests.

The number of U.S. workers that tested positive for illicit substances increased two years in a row between 2012 and 2014. This comes after steady declines during the previous decade. Reasons for the prevalence of drug use could come from an improving economy and more permissive attitudes among regulators and the general public about certain substances. For example, The Oregon Register Guard described how small business owners still screen for marijuana during initial employment applications even though recreational use of the product is legal in the state.

Even when employees pass drug tests, employers must be wary of individuals who have learned to outsmart basic testing procedures. Fox 31 Denver discovered applicants in Colorado beat drug screenings by bribing test administrators or using synthetic urine available in local stores. Companies may want to implement new solutions when sobriety is essential to business success, such as partnering with an experienced screening service able to spot causes for concern.

The New York Times suggested the number of employees who can't pass a drug test - or give up on applications as soon as they learn it is required - has many companies scrambling for talent. Employment screenings for individuals who will drive large trucks and work with heavy machines are essential for safety, so companies need to find the best way to locate skilled workers with the resources available instead of lowering standards to meet demand.

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