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Friday, April 20, 2018

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Ohio adopts new background check system

Employers often enlist the services of background screening partners to enhance internal processes, especially if they find their current system is allowing individuals to slip through the cracks. For instance, what if an individual with criminal convictions shows up with a clean record? That scenario recently became a reality for the State of Ohio thanks to its troubled Bureau of Criminal Investigation fingerprinting system.

Fixing a flawed system

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine understands the importance of comprehensive background screening solutions and is investing $10.8 million in a new system. According to The Columbus Dispatch, the state of Ohio is allocating $1.18 million each year for the new system and is working to get it in place as soon as possible.

This sense of urgency comes from years of using a flawed background screening system. The Dispatch reported in April 2015 that Ohio's Bureau of Criminal Investigation was using a fingerprinting system that showed individuals had clean records when they were actually convicts. Some records on convictions were arriving slowly with the outdated system while others didn't show up at all.

Positions for foster parents, day-care staff, nursing home workers and medical professionals, were among those using the flawed system. There were 194 instances of misinformed employers hiring convicts in 2014 alone. The new system will be used to conduct the state's 1.3 million-plus annual background checks.

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