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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Job interview do’s and don’ts

Job interview do’s and don’ts

Candidate interviews accomplish more than just filling a position. When executed effectively, job interviews can determine an applicant's skills and experience, clarify a position's responsibilities, and assess whether a potential hire is the right cultural fit for a company.

No matter the type of interview - telephone prescreen, direct one-on-one or group panel - companies must prepare their questions carefully to find the right candidate and stay in line with fair hiring laws enacted to give every applicant an opportunity to land a job. Even with these guidelines in place, some employers still ask questions that are insulting, irrelevant to the position and even illegal.

Planning ahead is the first step in conducting a valid and useful employment interview. After deciding on the type of interview, the HR professional asking the questions should carry out an assessment of how a candidate's resume coincides with an open position.

However, actually obtaining desired information from an applicant requires more than just inquiring about specific skills and attributes. Questions instead determine the ideal characteristics that a successful employee should possesses. This can be accomplished through an open-ended interview that avoids direct responses and specific information. The following are examples of open-ended questions:

* What are the skills or experiences you possess that make you the best match for this position?

* Where does this job fall along your career path?

* What were the most professionally challenging aspects of your previous position?

* What areas of professional training would make you a more effective worker?

* How would you describe your management style?

Due to possible legal issues, there are some questions and statements hiring managers should avoid entirely. For example, terms such as "permanent" and "career job opportunity" could be construed as creating a contract of employment.

In addition, interview queries should be couched in job-relevant language so no assumptions are made about a candidate's ability or disability.  Fair hiring laws prevent non performance-related inquiries that can lead to bias in hiring. 

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