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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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How to Attract Talent to Your Company

The key ingredient of a successful company is talented employees, which is why many organizations diligently scrutinize candidates through multiple interviews and background screenings. Of course, reviewing potential hires is only one step in this process. Companies must first attract talent. Here are four ways to successfully do just that:

1. Think "Right," not "Top"

Years of experience and multiple degrees mean nothing if they're not relevant to a company. As Forbes explained, employers must decide specifically what qualifications would truly make a worker successful in their organization.

Determining what a business is looking for in a candidate can bring challenges of its own. First, employers must consider company culture. Would an employee who has a bubbly and relaxed personality be happy in the organization, or would the culture best fit a straight-shooter with an all-business attitude? Employers should also look at the characteristics of already successful workers - what do they have in common? Once criteria has been settled on, job listings should be upfront regarding specific desired traits.

"Three-fourths of 2015 baccalaureate graduates participated in an internship."

2. Create an Internship Program

When it comes to searching for top talent, employers must consider where they're looking. According to a survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, three-fourths of 2015 baccalaureate graduates participated in an internship or co-op while earning their degrees. Companies that have these programs also gain access to plenty of potential future employees. Not only do internships attract driven undergraduates looking to gain experience or fill class requirements, it also gives businesses an opportunity to see these candidates in action, which is much more revealing than an interview.

3. Have Fun

What makes an organization stand out? Businesses that gain top talent often feature fun, welcoming company cultures - exactly what candidates look for. According to an Accenture Strategy study, 60 percent of 2015 graduates said that a positive social environment outweighed a higher salary.

Entrepreneur provided several tips for achieving this type of atmosphere in the workplace. For one, plan company events and post pictures of them on social media. Candidates may be more inclined to send in their resumes if they see employees went to a baseball game together or had a summer picnic. Additionally, be sure to recognize accomplishments. Having a fun way to reward an employee for a job well done can improve an office's atmosphere while driving workers to perform better.

4. Let Employees Recruit

Consider allowing employees to do some of the recruiting. As The Wall Street Journal explained, the key to attracting talent is to convey what a company can offer. If workers tell their friends and other connections about job opportunities, they'll inevitably talk about why they chose to start their careers at an organization. Word of mouth is a great way to spread information about how great a business is.

To encourage this behavior, employers should give employees an incentive. With the right recruitment software, employers can track which workers recommended applicants and reward them accordingly.

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