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Friday, January 27, 2023

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How do ATS solutions streamline the hiring process?

How do ATS solutions streamline the hiring process?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) help employers speed up their screening processes, handing everything from candidate vetting to interview booking. OPENonline partners with industry-leading companies for ATS integrations that let our clients request background checks using data already available in their human resource management systems.

In general, an ATS incorporates recruitment needs electronically into a single, manageable application that collects and maintains information needed for EEOC and/or OFCCP compliance. ATSs also reduce the need to sift through scores of resumes from candidates who are not qualified for a position, dramatically decreasing administrative costs.

Candidate screening tools work by scanning applications for keywords and phrases, with overuse of those elements increasing the likelihood of rejection by the system. Suitable applications are then sent to a hiring manager for review.

Some ATSs offer additional skill evaluations and video interviewing tools to filter candidates prior to any face-to-face interviews. Built-in search functions make it easier for hiring managers to find the specific candidate they're looking for rather than combing through multiple resumes first.

Reporting, messaging and collaboration tools are baked into ATS software to further simplify the employee screening process. Many ATSs track important metrics including cost per hire, time to hire and number of applications received. This data is used to speed up candidate screenings and attract the most qualified applicants.

HR staff can utilize an ATS's built-in messaging tool to discuss a candidate's attributes without having to shuffle between windows. This allows a hiring manager to make notes on a resume with the application displayed conveniently in front of them.

Permitting candidates to book their own interviews is another time-saver simplified by an ATS. Real-time scheduling generates a link that interviewers send to candidates. Hopeful hires then access the link to book the interview at their preferred time. As everything updates in real-time, there's no risk of interviews clashing with each other or another event.

ATS solutions ultimately are a benefit to busy recruitment teams, creating a clear channel of communication that brings the best talent into an organization. 

OPENonline is a trusted source for comprehensive background screenings. For more information, visit our website.

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