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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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’Employee generated content’ as talent attractor

’Employee generated content’ as talent attractor

Getting your employees to share what it's like to work for your company can be a brand-amplifying catalyst and talent attractor. Known as employee generated content, or EGC, the practice is less expensive than a marketing campaign, with the added bonus of being more effective in some situations.

EGC takes the form of tweets, blog posts, Instagram photos, LinkedIn descriptions, short videos, and any other means that successfully tell a company's story. The idea is for your workers to provide the key information talent looks for during a job search. Employees may provide their knowledge on day-to-day work activities, skills they've learned, and their career path through a company. EGC's proponents believe that sharing an employee's positive relationship with a business can make a significant impact on office culture and recruitment.

EGC may seem risky, as you're trusting employees to represent your organization, but companies with an active, worker-driven social media presence are bound to get noticed by potential recruits. Prominently featured content - whether a signal-boosting hashtag, Facebook conversation, or holiday party video - presents an enormous opportunity for a company to promote its brand.

As the acronym suggests, EGC is most effective when a company directly involves its team. One type of content, for example, may have employees post photos of what's for lunch in the company cafeteria.

Organizations can also highlight their stance on diversity by showcasing staff participation. Studies note that employer-facilitated involvement in "good causes" uplifts a company's reputation among job candidates, particularly millennials.

Employers using employee generated content for recruitment have several tactics to consider. One is a worker-exclusive hashtag that can be posted on job recruitment boards to endorse that day's EGC. Any content should also be displayed on the company's website to boost visibility as well as the perceived value of the information.

Nor should businesses ignore offline EGC strategies. Industry events, professional meet-ups and campus recruiting fairs all have merit in nurturing a community of would-be employees.

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