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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Ban-The-Box Laws May Be Expanding into Higher Education Applications

Ban-The-Box Laws May Be Expanding into Higher Education Applications

Ban-the-box may not stop at employment applications if a proposed piece of Colorado legislation passes.

The belief is that people with a criminal history often halt the college education application process when they are asked whether they have a criminal history – thinking they will automatically be barred from acceptance. The Colorado bill seeks to remove that barrier, so that individuals with a criminal history will follow through with their application, and hopefully be admitted. The proponents of removing the “box” from college applications contend that prior offenders should be afforded the same opportunities as anyone else who desires to get an education and better themselves. Some studies have shown that recidivism drops once a higher education degree has been obtained.

The U. S. Department of Education took a similar stance, as evidenced by their 2016 recommendations to ban-the-box on college applications.

Colorado legislators have been busy this session proposing several ban-the-box laws. Last week we reported on multiple laws involving ban-the-box and Colorado was included in that report, see below.

Ban-the-box bill would prohibit Colorado employers from asking about ...

DENVER - Should Colorado employers be banned from asking about criminal history on a job application? That is the debate at the Colorado Capitol Tuesday as the “ban-the-box” debate takes center stage.

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