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Thursday, March 23, 2023




Regulations and increased litigation in the health care industry emphasize the need for a thorough background check. Organizations within the health care industry can count on OPENonline to protect their reputation and ensure the safety of staff and patients by uncovering high-risk or sanctioned individuals early in the employment background screening process.

SelectCare is OPENonline's health care background screening solution. SelectCare is simply a suite of services that OPENonline offers to conduct a thorough employment background check for the health care industry.

List of Available Services Include

  • OIG/GSA ONE Report »
  • Healthcare Sanctions Report (FACIS)
  • ID/SSN Trace 
  • National Sex Offender Report
  • National Security Report
  • International Criminal Report
  • Criminal Reports
    • County Criminal Report
    • Statewide Criminal Report
    • Federal Criminal Report
    • National Security Report



Paula, Healthcare Industry

I absolutely want to recommend OPENonline’s SelectHire® service; I am delighted with the speed that the background checks came back!! I ran two background checks and the first one came back in minutes, WOW!!!

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