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Friday, January 27, 2023

Government/Law Enforcement



OPENonline understands that budget cuts and economic factors are forcing government agencies to do more with fewer personnel. We offer both employment background screening and investigative services to county, city, state and federal agencies that allow them to make informed hiring decisions and conduct investigative research, customized to meet their needs.

Enforcement SelectEnforcementSelect is OPENonline's full-service background screening solution for the government and law enforcement industry. It is a flexible, fully customizable screening program that is tailored to meet your Department’s needs.

List of Available Services Include

Background Checks
  • ID/SSN Trace
  • Criminal Reports
    • County Criminal Report
    • Federal Criminal Report
    • National Security Report
    • Credit Report
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Driving Record
Investigative Services
  • Regional Criminal & Civil Reports
  • Locator Reports
  • National Public Records
  • Regional Public Records

Government/Law Enforcement


Government Client

We are pleased with both the functionality and service that OPENonline provides our organization. The legal updates and alerts help keep us current as to how these processes are being utilized and challenged across the country.


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