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Industry-Specific Background Screening Solutions

OPENonline understands you have specific requirements and regulations that govern your industry.
From transportation to healthcare, our industry-specific solutions are tailored to help you maintain
compliance and ensure you are utilizing best practices in your background screening process. 

Background Screening for the Health Care Industry

Regulations and increased litigation in the health care industry emphasize the need for a thorough background check. Organizations within the health care industry can count on OPENonline to protect their reputation and ensure the safety of staff and patients by uncovering high-risk or sanctioned individuals early in the employment background screening process.

SelectCare is OPENonline's health care background screening solution. SelectCare is simply a suite of services that OPENonline offers to conduct a thorough employment background check for the health care industry. List of available searches include:
  • OIG/GSA ONE Report »
  • Healthcare Sanctions Report (FACIS)
  • ID/SSN Trace
  • Criminal Reports +
    • County Criminal Report
    • Statewide Criminal Report
    • Federal Criminal Report
    • National Security Report
  • National Sex Offender Report
  • National Security Report
  • International Criminal Report