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Paperless & Compliant Form I-9 Management

OPENonline's I-9 Manager is your efficient online solution to Form I-9 management and employment eligibility verification. Our product transforms what used to be a cumbersome, paper-based process into an easily managed, secure, electronic solution. It’s time to make E-Verify compliance concerns a thing of the past.

I-9 Manager electronically stores your I-9 Forms, reminds
you when forms are expiring, validates and verifies each
form, and helps you manage government audits.

Employer Alert: USCIS to Delete Old E-Verify Records Starting Jan. 1, 2015. read more »

I-9 Manager Benefits include:

  • Reduces paperwork, storage, and manual activities - process forms electronically and store them digitally for a centralized view
  • Simplifies Form I-9 employment eligibility process - real-time field validation with live results before submission
  • Guaranteed federal and state compliance - to ensure a legally authorized workforce
  • Minimizes risk of government penalties - unlimited digital storage of forms and supporting documents

OPENonline's I-9 Manager greatly reduces your exposure to government audits, financial penalties and negative publicity resulting from non-compliance. With I-9 Manager, you can be confident you have the most complete solution to manage, maintain and verify I-9 Forms. Understand your current responsibilities by visiting the state by state legislation map. For more assistance, visit our Compliance Resource Center »

Features & Advantages of I-9 Manager:

  • One Time Data Entry to save time and reduce data entry errors by entering the data only once.
  • Form I-9 Entry Validation to reduce fines and penalties due to incomplete forms.
  • Duplication Alert to alert employer of possible Social Security fraud.
  • Audit Log that places high value on sensitive employee information.
  • Training Site to quickly and efficiently train employer.
  • Tentative non-confirmation to eliminate possible discrimination.
  • Digital Form I-9 storage to increase efficiency when action is needed on completed forms.
  • Digital Document Storage to allow employer the flexibility of keeping all pertinent documents in one place.
  • Printable PDF’s to easily produce needed documents at any time.
  • Online E-Signatures to increase effectiveness in logistics of physical storage.
  • Permission Settings so employer maintains protection of confidential information.
  • Instant Employment Verification to provide instant knowledge of work authorization status.
  • Accessibility to multiple locations to allow secure dissemination of information throughout the organization.
  • No installation so no additional equipment expense or maintenance is needed by employer.
  • No monthly fees to help you remain within your budget guidelines.