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Customizable Drug & Alcohol Screening

Ensure a safer work environment with drug and alcohol screening through OPENonline. Substance abuse in the workplace increases the number of workplace accidents and fatalities, absenteeism, workers' compensation claims, and healthcare costs every year. By utilizing our services, you reduce your risk.

Implementing a drug and alcohol screening process in your organization is an effective way to prevent costly liability issues and keep your workplace drug and alcohol free.

Drug & Alcohol Screening Benefits include:

  • Fewer employee accidents and fewer errors
  • Employers control the costs of excessive absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Reduce liabilities with customers
  • Reduce staff conflicts and workplace violence
  • Lower health insurance premiums and workers’ compensation claims

OPENonline is committed to helping you proactively guard against substance abuse in the workplace. We offer a full line of drug and alcohol screening options with easy sign-up and secure, online results. By performing your drug and alcohol testing with OPENonline, you can be sure you are getting the most cost-effective, thorough and accurate results.

Features & Advantages

  • Comprehensive testing options for regulated and non-regulated programs
  • Verification through Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • Screening conducted through SAMHSA-certified laboratories
  • Over 7,000 collection sites nationwide
  • Consolidated invoicing with other background checks ordered through OPENonline
  • Add-on tests for Ecstasy and/or adulterants that are often used to try and hide illegal drugs
  • Easy to understand online ordering process
  • Test results obtained online
  • Simple, easy-to-read reports with color-coded results
    • 5-Panel Urinalysis Non-DOT Tests
    • 5-Panel Urinalysis DOT Tests
    • 10-Panel Urinalysis Tests

Amount of money lost in productivity annually, due to substance abuse in the workplace

Number of workdays lost at an annual rate as a result of substance abuse in the workplace

Workplace substance abuse is a cause of INCREASE in: